Friday, April 16, 2010

Wonder Twin Powers Activate

I was listening to the news yesterday, and the person the newscaster was interviewing said, "America as a nation needs to turn its focus to fixing the environment."

Isn't that ridiculous? Not the part about America fixing the environment, I agree with that. But, isn't it ridiculous that she said, "America as a nation..."

As opposed to what? America as a country line dancer? America as a dinner roll?

Australia may be able to get away with "Australia, as a nation..." because it's a nation and a continent (I think- don't quote me on that). But, America is a nation. That's all it is. By definition.
I have the same problem when people say or write something like

We as human beings should be more giving.

Am I missing something? Am I surrounded by beings who can sometimes act as humans and sometimes act as something else?

I would be so jealous if some people had the same powers as the Super Twins and could shapeshift.

We as human beings have a hard time fighting evil super villains, but as buckets of water and eagles, we kick ass.

I would totally take the form of Johnny Depp's pillow.


pal shazar said...

i am laughing.

Invisible Work said...

Me, too. I don't think I should read these in public. It's dangerous for my rep to be laughing aloud.