Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Commitment Phobe?

Who isn’t? Commitment is confusing, complicated, and it stirs up all of those old insecurities: insecurities, for example, that arise when we don’t know if a word has two m’s and only one t, two t’s and only one m, or two t’s and two m’s?

Commitment didn’t make it on this list of most commonly misspelled words in business writing for nothing.

To get over our commitment phobia, all we need to do is figure out a way to remember that commitment has two m’s and only one t. And, since we tend to remember things that resonate with us, here are two different ways to memorize how to spell commitment: one for commitment phobes and one for commitment friends.

• Commitment friends can remember that commitment has two m’s and one t in the following ways:

More movie dates/ fewer TV dinners by ourselves on a Saturday night
More marriage potential/less ticking of the biological clock
More monogamy/less transmission of herpes

• Commitment phobes can remember that commitment has two m’s and one t in the following ways:

More moaning and bitching/ less time to oneself
More meeting the family/ fewer Taco Tuesdays
More missionary position/ fewer threesomes

And then once we memorize how to spell it, maybe we will embrace commitment as much as this guy:

P.S. I am soooo bummed that there is one episode left of Big Love this season. How are they going to tie up all the loose ends in one hour? Is Barb going to have an affair with the cute guy from the casino, is Margene going to have an affair with her new husband, what is J.J. up to, does Bill win the election, will he expose them as polygamists? Aaaaah!


William said...

I thought you like to see what passes for grammar education on another little blog.


If that is the competition, you got them hands down.

Missed Periods said...

Cool. I will check out that other "little blog," that inconsequential Huffsomethingorother Post. Will I see you on Sunday?

William said...

I will be attending. There is a snowball's chance that I would have to drive someone that day. That being said, I'll see you Sunday.