Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Karma- IT'S a Bitch

I am admittedly not the ideal person to share a living space with. I constantly forget to unplug my hot rollers, I kick off my shoes wherever I am and leave them there, I let my clothes pile up in the bedroom.

I may be in denial, but I don’t attribute this behavior to laziness or thoughtlessness; I blame it on absent-mindedness. Most of the time, I don’t even realize that I have kicked off my shoes or tossed my shirt on the dresser.

The problems with this behavior are that I may burn the house down and my husband is super neat and organized so my sloppiness bugs the shit out of him. He is constantly drawing my attention to the socks stuck in the couch, the empty shampoo in the shower and the pair of shoes he has just tripped over. And, he’s totally right: when it’s called to my attention, I can see that the place is a mess. And I know better. I mean, if asked whether it is a better idea to put one’s shoes away in the closet or leave them in the middle of the living room for one’s soul mate to sprain his ankle on, I would confidently say in the closet (unless said soul mate has eaten the last triangle of Toblerone).

It’s kind of the same experience I have when teaching the difference between its and it’s. When I ask my students when we use the it’s with the apostrophe, they say when it stands for it is- which is absolutely right. But, when they write their papers, confusing its and it’s is one of the most common errors they make.

So, if they know right from wrong but don’t put it into practice, why do I even bother? Maybe I shouldn't even bring it to their attention. Maybe my job is pointless.

Is this my karma?


Bethany Elizabeth said...

haha, cute post! I liked that poem- I'm the same way. My world can go to chaos until someone points it out. And then I'm like, "Huh, I should probably clean up."
It's crazy. :D
Good luck with your students, as well. Hopefully Karma will ease up soon. :D

Wendy Ramer said...

I don't think it's karma b/c I have the same lazy students...and I'm an overly-efficient organized person.

jeremy said...

Honey I have always assumed that your misplaced items are your living punctuation. The heel of that shoe protruding from under the coffee table that just tore into the arch of my bare foot was placed there at the conclusion of a brilliant idea. The pile of socks at the end of the bed are the lost question marks of your dreams, and the coat hanger that sticks out at head height (mine) across the entrance to the walk in closet is an exclamation mark to emphasise the extraordinary contents that lies ahead!

Talli Roland said...

I had to laugh because I am like you and my husband is SO neat. I drive him crazy! And, like you, 'it's' vs 'its' drives me MENTAL!!!!

I think it *must* be karma.

Emily said...

Oh my god Jeremy, you are the awesomest!

Mary Aalgaard said...

Yes. I'll blame my untidiness on absentmindedness. Yes. good idea. I'll pick up my socks later, and check my apostrophes at the door.

Writing Without Periods! said...

What a funny post. My students were like this too. Oh, well. Now my husband has this trait.
Love the title of your blog.

Georgina Dollface said...

If the untidiness of my desk is a metaphor for all my bad grammar usage, then I need to hire an editor pronto! (And a cleaning lady.) - G

James Garcia Jr said...

Hi. I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I really love what you are doing over here. You've left me thinking, and you have left me in stitches with some of the topics that you have posted. I love the way that you weave what you intend to say with something else, very often in a direction that I had no idea that we were taking. Having said that, I recently was given an award. Due to the fact that your blog has been such an interest to me, I want to share it with you as well. Please stop by whenever you have a chance and claim your prize.

Mom Squad said...

Popping by from Mary's Play off The Page. Great blog! I was drawn to your blog name. Funny as heck! I have two blogs..this one and my "writing one" Stop by anytime and say "hi"! :)