Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mother Knows Best

As sure as you will go through a Led Zeppelin phase at some point in your teens, in your adult life, you will become your parents. This take over usually starts around the time you get your first apartment and little by little possesses your entire being. You'll open your mouth and out will come your mother's voice. You'll be having lunch with your dad and look across the table to find that you're both resting your left cheek on your left fist and tapping your right fingers on the table. You'll even start adopting their habits and ideals- even the ones that annoy the crap out of you. I bet you anything that to this day there is nary a wire hanger to be found in Christina Crawford's closet.

Well, I used to hate when my parents would answer one of my queries with a "because I said so."

Me: Dad, why can't I stay up and watch Dynasty?

Dad: Because I said so.

Me: Mom, why can't I play handball after dinner?

Mom: Because I said so.

But, here I go:

Don't put a comma before the word because.


Because I said so.

But, what about...

Don't talk back to me!


keppi baranick said...

perfect. perfectly adorable just like you. you are my favorite teacher ever!! Kep

jbaranick said...

Thanks Mommy Dearest!