Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Voice

I am pretty snobby, so sometimes I refuse to admit that I watch anything on TV that hasn’t earned critical acclaim. In other words, I am one of those people who says, “I was at my friend’s house the other night and SHE was watching The Bachelor …” Then, I will proceed to talk about how crazy I think Vienna is.

But I am just going to come out and unabashedly say that I love The Voice. The auditions are full of suspense, I have a crush on all the judges, and the contestants have these amazing voices. I, on the other hand, have a terrible voice. 

But I do have a voice. And many of you have never heard it. I am not talking about my singing voice, just my regular talking voice. If you do, perchance, want to hear it, click here and listen to my interview on Brad Reed’s Inside Creative Writing podcast.

Brad is a great interviewer, and we talked about all sorts of fun stuff like why grammar can be intimidating to writers and how grammar can enhance creativity--oh, and we even talked about the em-dash.


Shelly said...

Loved the interview! It makes me wonder if you will be rolling out an audio version of your book.

My sister is a manager of a book store. A woman called in recently to request Shakespeare's Complete Works on audio, as read by the author.

The Voice rocks.

Theresa Milstein said...

I'm off to hear your voice.

Have you seen The Bachelor Spoof, Burning Love? I love it.

Theresa Milstein said...

"Spoof" should be lowercase. (I'm so ashamed.)

DiscConnected said...


Since my blog is all about music, I have a bit of a snobbish approach to shows like The Voice....

I also read a great interview a few years ago, where Steve Van Zandt (guitar player for Bruce Springsteen, not to mention Silvio on The Sopranos) talked about how many of the American Idol winners made the jump from singing in their showers to singing in arenas, and skipped the part where they learned how to work an audience.

I can see that.

Even when you see a performer like Bruce Springsteen play the Super Bowl, when he looks at the camera and says something, you really get the feeling he is looking and talking to you.

Most of the Idol singers I have seen doing national anthems, etc, look like scared kids.

Part of my snobbery is that I wish the music business was like it was in the seventies....and there is no going back!

If this comment were any longer, I'd feel compelled to post it on my blog.

"O" is for "overboard."


the late phoenix said...

gurl, that Vienna is more cray-cray than my aunt, and she tried to eat our house!

damn your voice is sexy, Jenny. love your laugh. i think i'm in love...

yeah, i see words and sentences, too, when people speak to me, but i've been prescribed pills...which i dutifully throw away upon purchase...can't mess with my creativity...

Jemi Fraser said...

I really enjoy the Voice as well! Love hearing raw talent! :)

Off to hear your voice :)

DWei said...

I'm not too fond of reality TV or music related things. It's just not my kind of material.

Hart Johnson said...

I think where talent is concerned, you are okay (though I tend to stick with TV that tells a story). MOST reality TV makes me not just annoyed, but openly hostile, but I will give you a pass with The Voice.